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  1. nightcomesswiftly:

    Season Three Predictions

  2. Adventures in Slash ft. my mom

    • Me: *wearing a Will Graham t-shirt to work*
    • Mom: What are you wearing? Is that Hannibal's boyfriend?
    • my mother the other day: hey, that guy over there doesn't look like that one from that show?
    • me: what guy?
    • mom: that one that kiss lecter all the time
    • me *wishes*
  3. I don’t want to fall in love
    with you… 

  4. elvisqueso:

    Hannibal, looking at Will,
    watching Will lie to his face,
    knowing that he’s not going to run off with Will and live happily ever after in Paris or Milan or whatever other European city they romanticize in pictures.
    Knowing that he’s not going to do a damn thing but wait because God damnit, God damnit, he loves that man.

    nobody touch me.

    don’t get close, I’ll bite.

  5. I need more Hannibal


    So if you post Hannibal/Hannigram
    Reblog! And I’ll follow you


  6. ohmyhairsmellslike-chocolate:

LOL!! 😂❤️
  7. »I believed it was self-defence and to a point, it was. But beyond that point, it was murder.

  8. berlynn-wohl:

    Captain Picard watches the season 2 finale.

  9. Hannibal + Will • |Be the overflow.| 

  10. thebakerstreetboyz:

    ixilecter said: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  11. twinkdancy:

    a year time jump tho

    hannibal and will go a whole year without each other 

    a year 


    this is me right now. ONE ENTIRE YEAR. ONE FUCKING YEAR GUYS

  12. I mean, Hannibal if you wanted baguette so badly all you had to do was stay with Will, seriously, you didn’t have to go to all the way to France for that
    — Hannigram shippers ignoring their sinking ship (via hannibal-cannibal-lecter)