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  1. elvisqueso:

    Hannibal, looking at Will,
    watching Will lie to his face,
    knowing that he’s not going to run off with Will and live happily ever after in Paris or Milan or whatever other European city they romanticize in pictures.
    Knowing that he’s not going to do a damn thing but wait because God damnit, God damnit, he loves that man.

    nobody touch me.

    don’t get close, I’ll bite.

  2. I need more Hannibal


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  3. ohmyhairsmellslike-chocolate:

LOL!! 😂❤️
  4. »I believed it was self-defence and to a point, it was. But beyond that point, it was murder.

  5. berlynn-wohl:

    Captain Picard watches the season 2 finale.

  6. Hannibal + Will • |Be the overflow.| 

  7. thebakerstreetboyz:

    ixilecter said: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  8. twinkdancy:

    a year time jump tho

    hannibal and will go a whole year without each other 

    a year 


    this is me right now. ONE ENTIRE YEAR. ONE FUCKING YEAR GUYS

  9. I mean, Hannibal if you wanted baguette so badly all you had to do was stay with Will, seriously, you didn’t have to go to all the way to France for that
    — Hannigram shippers ignoring their sinking ship (via hannibal-cannibal-lecter)
  10. Fuller added that the love between Hannibal and Will is real (if not sexual), although he joked that the fans have done a good job of covering the sexual aspect through fan fiction.
  11. Part of the fun for us with Hannibal [in Season 3] is how he stays the same, and how dramatically he changes, and the fact that he misses Will.

    Bryan Fuller. (via drhanniballecter)

    I hope they do a lot of scenes where Hannibal says “Will” a thousand times and then Bedelia is pissed off and she says something like “Hannibal stop thinking about this man, it’s over”

  12. thebakerstreetboyz:

    hannigram said: Expelliarmus

  13. cryingondylanships:

    I know i’ll laugh a lot reading s3 Hannibal’s titles

    Give me “polenta e osei”, “pastiera napoletana”, “cotoletta alla milanese”  and “tiramisu” or give me death

    The last one is perfect for an especially hannigram charged episode